Effectiveness of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation in the Recovery of Executive Deficits in Patients with Alcohol Use Disorder: A Systematic Review Protocol

Introduction: Changes in executive functions associated with alcohol consumption are frequently found in alcohol use disorder. Neuropsychological rehabilitation can play an essential role as an effective treatment in the recovery from these deficits, leading to the maintenance of abstinence. However, there are still some uncertainties regarding its impact on the recovery of deficits in executive functions. Our purpose is to present a protocol for a systematic review aiming to assess which neuropsychological rehabilitation programs are effective in the recovery of executive deficits in patients with alcohol use disorder.
Methods: We will search the following databases: PubMed, Cochrane Library (CENTRAL), Web of Science, and Scopus, as well as the list of references of the identified studies. Screening, data extraction, and synthesis, as well as evaluation of the risk of bias, will be carried out by two reviewers independently, using ROBINS-I and RoB 2. Disagreements will be resolved using a third additional reviewer. Primary outcomes will correspond to changes in executive functions, following a neuropsychological rehabilitation program in patients with alcohol use disorder. The evidence will be synthesized using a narrative description of neuropsychological rehabilitation programs and the indicators of their effectiveness will be identified. The neuropsychological rehabilitation programs for executive functions will be assessed considering their different components and their impact on the recovery of these functions. The review described in this protocol will allow the development of guidelines for the design of more effective rehabilitation programs for clinical populations with alcohol use disorder.

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