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II Serie Volume 29 Number 12
December 2016


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  1- Factores de recorrência das lesões intraepiteliais do colo do útero.

2- Duodenoscopia e colangiopancreatografia retrógrada endoscópica (cpre) no diagnóstico da patologia biliar e pancreática. Experiência dos primeiros 150 exames.

3- História natural da dilatação pielocalicial pré-natal.

4- Mefedrona, a Nova Droga de Abuso: Farmacocinética, Farmacodinâmica e Implicações Clínicas e Forenses

5- Erisipela.

6- Abordagem terapêutica das úlceras de pressão--intervenções baseadas na evidência.

7- Drogas antidepressivas.

8- Traumatismo Crânio-Encefálico: Abordagem Integrada

9- Ulceras genitais causadas por infecções sexualmente transmissíveis: actualização do diagnóstico e terapêuticas, e a sua importância na pandemia do VIH.

10- Abordagem actual da gota.

11- Vasculite livedóide.

12- Tratamento antibiótico da cistite não complicada em mulheres não grávidas até à menopausa.

13- Cisto de Tarlov: definição, etiopatogenia, propedêutica e linhas de tratamento.

14- Inversão uterina.

15- Urolitíase e cólica renal. Perspectiva terapêutica em Urologia.

16- Princípios básicos em cirurgia: fios de sutura.

17- Rabdomiólise.

18- Glioblastoma multiforme ... com apresentação multifocal.

19- Abordagem diagnóstica das neuropatias periféricas.

20- Distócia de ombros: uma emergência obstétrica.

  Scrotal Cystocele by Computed Tomography and Ultrasound


A 44-year-old man is investigated for an intermittent left inguinal swelling and sent for ultrasound investigation which suggested an inguinal hernia. Because of discrepancy with the symptoms, a computed tomography (C...  

  pEVAR e one day surgery


Introduction: To evaluate the results of the abdominal aortic aneurism endovascular treatment (EVAR), percutaneously and with local anesthesia, according to the concept of one day surgery.

  Single Fetal Death in Monochorionic Twin Pregnancy: Co-...


The incidence of single fetal death in twin pregnancy varies from 0.5% - 6.8%, leaving the surviving fetus with increased morbi-mortality.
The prognosis is worse in monochorionic pregnancies. In addressing thes...  

  Mumps Outbreak among Highly Vaccinated Teenagers and Ch...


Introduction: Mumps vaccine was introduced in the National Immunization Program in Portugal in 1987, rapidly reaching a national coverage > 92%, with important reduction in the annual incidence of ...  


  Landmarks in My Life

I was 20 and married for a little over than one year when I got pregnant with my first child. Like any other mother, I pictured my baby beautiful and perfect, never thinking for a single moment that in the lottery  of life we do not always get what we dream about. 

Full articl...  


  Applying Informed Consent to Hemophilia and Other Congenital Coagulopathy

Hemophilia is a chronic disease and a blood congenital organic disability that mainly affects male individuals. 
People with such a condition are affected by bleedings, often spontaneous and particularly around bone joints, which at medium and long term causes joint deformities that h...  


  NOVA Medical School - BMJ Research to Publication Program

Much of health research is wasted due to lack of proper planning, implementation or publication of it. Over the past 25 years the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has witnessed the challenges that researchers face. Courses and tips for the production of medical research articles abound in the market...  


  AMP-Student with a new Editor-in-Chief

Joana Revés, a 5th year medical student from NOVA Medical School|Faculdade de Ciências Médicas, is the new Editor-in-Chief of AMP-Student. Joana revés was appointed by the Associate Editors of the Student Corner of Acta Médica Portuguesa and then confirmed by Rui...  


  5th Symposium AMP: Ethics and Education

The 5th Symposium Acta Médica Portuguesa will take place on November 4th at the premises of the Northern Branch of the Portuguese Medical Association. 

This meeting aims at promoting the debate between editors and doctors on themes related to communication and publishing of ...  

  Streptococcus Pneumoniae Vaccination in Children...  
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Background: In Portugal, pneumococcal vaccination is free of charge and recommended by the Directorate-General of Health for the pediatric population at high risk of invasive pneumococcal disease. Our main aim was to describe the vaccination uptake in a pediatric population atten...


  Hospital Based Public Health Doctors: Just a Par...  
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Keywords: Education, Public Health Professional; Portugal; Public Health/education.


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  Clinical Semiology at the Technology Age: the Ne...  
  Vol 28, No 1 (2015) Jan-Feb  

“…A avaliação clínica tem pois um poder curativo inegável, fortalecendo a relação médico- doente e colocando o doente - não os dados diagnósticos - no centro da avaliação…
…A avalia&cced...


  Hospital Based Public Health Doctors: Just a Par...  
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Keywords: Education, Public Health Professional; Portugal; Public Health/education.


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