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Vol 24 (2011): Suplemento 4 Echocardiography by the non-cardiologist: a curriculum for the fast track strategy. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Hugo Côrte-Real, Carlos França
Vol 24, No 6 (2011): Novembro-Dezembro Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type IV in association with a (c.970G>A) mutation in the COL3A1 gene. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Marta Rebelo, Leonor Ramos, Jandira Lima, J Diniz Vieira, Purificação Tavares, Luísa Teixeira, Albuquerque Matos, J Nascimento Costa
Vol 24, No 6 (2011): Novembro-Dezembro Venous thromboembolism risk factors and practices of prophylaxis: ENDORSE study results in Portugal. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Ana França, Abílio Reis, Aida Paulino, Corina Lohman, Daniel Cartucho, Glória Campello, Luísa Morais, Pedro Moreira, Rui Abreu, Tiago Abreu
Vol 21, No 5 (2008): Setembro-Outubro Indications for upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. The accuracy of the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy guidelines in a Portuguese hospital. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Rute Cerqueira, Carolina Fernandes, Manuel Correia, M Conceição Manso
Vol 24, No 2 (2011): Março-Abril Serum homocysteine concentrations in Portuguese young adults reference interval. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Maria Piedade Brandão, Francisco Luís Pimentel, Margarida Fonseca Cardoso
Vol 24, No 2 (2011): Março-Abril Maternal coffee intake and associated risk factors: effects on fetal growth and activity. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Ana Conde, Cláudia Teves, Bárbara Figueiredo
Vol 24 (2011): Suplemento 2 Epidemiology of perinatal depression in Portugal: categorical and dimensional approach. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Berta Rodrigues Maia, Mariana Marques, Sandra Bos, Ana Telma Pereira, Maria João Soares, José Valente, António Macedo, Maria Helena Azevedo
Vol 24 (2011): Suplemento 2 Erectile dysfunction of vascular cause: statistical evaluation on the Plurimetabolic Syndrome's risk factors and their correlation with penile eco-doppler rates. Abstract   PDF (Português)
M Ferreira Coelho, P Bargão Santos
Vol 24 (2011): Suplemento 2 On the limit of viability extremely low gestational age at birth. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Gustavo Rocha, Hercília Guimarães
Vol 22, No 5 (2009): Setembro-Outubro The acute abdomen in the newborn. Abstract   PDF (Português)
Gustavo Rocha, Carla Costa, J Correia-Pinto, Joaquim Monteiro, Hercília Guimarães
Vol 15, No 1 (2002): Janeiro-Fevereiro The medical practice of Amatus Lusitanus in Dubrovnik (1556-1558). A short reminder on the 445th anniversary of his arrival. Details   PDF (Português)
Marija-Ana Dürrigl, Stella Fatovic-Ferencic
Vol 10, No 2-3 (1997): Fevereiro-Março Ethical decision-making in newborn infants. Abstract   PDF (Português)
V Y Yu
Vol 10, No 2-3 (1997): Fevereiro-Março Principles and practice of parenteral nutrition in the neonatal period. Abstract   PDF (Português)
V Y Yu
Vol 7 (1994): Suplemento 1 Comparative study of various biological markers in infection by HIV1. Abstract   PDF
J. E. Serra, V. Pombo, R. Côrte-Real, Saraiva Da Cunha, A. Meliço-Silvestre
Vol 7 (1994): Suplemento 1 Cerebral toxoplasmosis after renal transplantation. Case report and review. Abstract   PDF
Saraiva Da Cunha, Eugénia Ferreira, Isabel Ramos, Raúl Martins, Luís De Freitas, J. Luís Borges, R. Côrte-Real, A. Mota, A. Meliço-Silvestre, A. Linhares Furtado
Vol 7 (1994): Suplemento 1 Recurrent intracardiac mass in a pregnant woman with antiphospholipid syndrome. Abstract   PDF
Vítor Matos, Beatriz Pinheiro, Pedro Maia, Helena Leite, Álvaro Coelho, António Fernandes
Vol 7 (1994): Suplemento 1 Interaction of the constituents of alcoholic beverages in the promotion of liver damage. Abstract   PDF
Jorge Peneda, Amélia Baptista, José M. Lopes
Vol 7 (1994): Suplemento 1 Obstructive sleep apnea. Clinical and laboratory studies. Abstract   PDF
Teresa Paiva, Pilar Vasconcelos, António Nobre Leitão, Mário Andrea
Vol 7 (1994): Suplemento 1 The oral health care programme of Cartaxo. Assessment of its impact. Abstract   PDF
Rui Manuel Calado
Vol 7 (1994): Suplemento 1 Hepatitis C virus antibodies in asymptomatic chronic carriers of hepatitis B surface antigen. Abstract   PDF
Henrique Barros, H. Pessegueiro Miranda, F. Silvestre
Vol 7 (1994): Suplemento 1 Epidemiology of hepatitis C in central Portugal. Prevalence of anti-HCV in the population of the Coimbra District. Abstract   PDF
Arsénio Santos, Armando Carvalho, Duarte Bento, Rosa Sá, Jorge Tomáz, Víctor Rodrigues, Luísa Pais, Armando Porto
Vol 7 (1994): Suplemento 1 The role of radiotherapy in soft tissue sarcomas. Retrospective study of 115 cases treated from 1979 to 1988. Abstract   PDF
M. Brites Patrício, M. Cândida Trindade, Filomena Santos, M. Leonor Jorge, J. Silva Raposo, Miguel Neves
Vol 7 (1994): Suplemento 1 Bone marrow transplantation with major ABO incompatibility. Experience of the Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit--Francisco Gentil Portuguese Institute of Oncology, Lisbon Centre. Abstract   PDF
Rui Coelho, Isabel Cunha, Inês Nolasco, Alexandre Machado, Manuel Abecassis
Vol 7 (1994): Suplemento 1 Imaging methods in the study of urinary tract infections in children. Abstract   PDF
Helena N. Almeida, Magda Ribeiro, João Colarinha, J. F. Santos, Fernando Coelho Rosa
Vol 6, No 3-4 (1993): Março-Abril Decision making in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage. Abstract   PDF (Português)
J L Antunes
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