Flagrant of a Clavicle Fracture as Bullfight Injury

Carlos Durão, Jorge Ramos


The Vila Franca de Xira Hospital is located in the region with the highest number of festivals and bullfighting activities of Portugal. As a natural consequence, the hospital ends up with a particular experience in the treatment of victims of bullfighting accidents. These are usually common people harvested in street celebrations during the traditional festivals of the region, but also workers such as cattle herders, foremen, ranchers and others who handle the wild cattle and in particular those who deal with the bulls, such as forcados, banderilleros, matadors and cavaleiros. Although we may refer the perforating injuries generated by the horns of bulls, the most frequent injuries are the blunt ones, among them bruises and fractures of the limbs. This work shows the typical striking of a bull horn, showing the violence of the trauma in bullfighting accidents, which in this case resulted only on the fracture of the clavicle from the member hit in the fall.


Athletic Injuries; Cattle; Clavicle/injuries; Fractures, Bone.

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