Treatment and follow up protocol in differentiated thyroid carcinomas of follicular origin

Fernando Rodrigues, Edward Limbert, Ana Paula Marques, Ana Paula Santos, Carlos Lopes, Elizabete Rodrigues, Fátima Borges, Francisco Carrilho, João Jácome De Castro, João Neto, Lucila Salgado, Maria João Oliveira, . Grupo de Estudo da Tiróide


Differentiated thyroid carcinoma of follicular origin (DTCFO), although not very frequent, has registered a raising incidence in the last decades. In the majority of the cases, DTCFO is a curable disease when treated and monitored by experienced, multidisciplinary teams. These factors contribute to an increasing number of DTCFO survivors requiring life-long monitoring, due to the possibility of occurrence of recurrences many years after the initial treatment. Several aspects of the treatment and management of these patients are still controversial. The present protocol represents the consensus of the members of the Grupo de Estudo da Tiróide of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Endocrinologia, Diabetes e Metabolismo. It aims to define guidelines, in agreement with the current state of the art and contemplating the necessary adaptations to local constrains, that ensure decreased mortality and protection of patients’ quality of life, avoiding unnecessarily aggressive or ineffective treatments, optimizing the use of the available resources.

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