Atrial septal defect--echocardiographic assessment before and after surgical repair.

Luís Castro Guimarães, Raquel Andrade Gouveia, Roando Álvares


Twenty-two patients with atrial septal defect (ostium secundum type and sinus venosus) were studied by echocardiography before and after surgery. The sizes of the various heart chambers - right and left ventricles, left atrium and aortic root - and the interventricular septum and the left ventricular posterior free wall (motion and thickness) were analysed and compared in the pre and postoperative period. A significant reduction in size of the right ventricle and a normalization of the left ventricular dimension in the early postoperative evaluation was found. The paradoxical motion of the interventricular septum seen in the preoperative period showed an early trend toward normalization. The changes before and after surgery are discussed, particularly for the interventricular septum.

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