Hepatic amebiasis: experience in the therapy of 56 cases.

Ireneu Cruz, F. J. Z. Carneiro Chaves


The results of therapy in 56 consecutive cases of hepatic amebiasis are reviewed. In retrospect, the results in patients receiving metronidazole alone, dehydroemetine combined with chloroquine, and dehydroemetine combined with chloroquine and metronidazole were compared. No deaths occured. Our results confirm the great efficacy of metronidazole alone. The response to treatment was similar in patients receiving dehydroemetine combined with chloroquine but the average number of days of hospitalization was greater in these patients. No advantage was demonstrated for the combination of metronidazole with dehydroemetine and chloroquine. In retrospect these patients proved to have a more severe and protracted course with more frequent surgical complications and a greater need for closed aspiration of the abscess. Closed aspiration, not used routinely, has not reduced the number of days of hospitalization. Significant side effects were not observed.

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