Autoantibodies in alcoholic liver cirrhosis in Portugal.

Estela Monteiro, J. Pinto Correia


Sera from 62 patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis were tested for the presence of organ specific and non organ specific autoantibodies and compared with a healthy group as a control population. SMA was found in an overall percentage of 26% (30% among females and 23% among males). The titers were under 1/80. ANA was found in an overall percentage of 8% with low titers. The prevalence of SMA and ANA in the alcoholic group was higher than in controls (P<0.00l; P<0.05). In patients with higher ethanol ingestion (> 200g/day) there was a significantly higher incidence of SMA (399% versus 13%; P<0.001). The higher incidence of SMA and ANA in alcoholics compared with controls, rnainly in the group of higher consumption of alcohol, could be particularly helpful in the demonstration of the role of alcohol in alcoholic liver disease as a trigger or perpetuating factor of an immune reaction.

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