The SGOT/SGPT ratio in alcoholic liver disease.

Patrícia S. Alves, Ermelinda A. Camilo, J. Pinto Correia


The SGOT/SGPT ratio has been estimated in 207 patients with alcoholic liver disease and in 3 control groups (43 viral hepatitis, 30 non-alcoholic chronic liver disease and 42 obstructive jaundice). The SGOT/SGTP ratio in alcoholic liver disease group was significantly higher (2.63 ± 1.82) than in any of the 3 control groups. If we consider the different alcoholic liver diseases the ratio is 1.82 ± 1.27 in Steatosis, lowest value of all; 3.00 ± 2.33 in Acute alcoholic hepatitis; 2.45 ± 1.62 in Cirrhosis; 2.19 ± 1.94 in Cirrhosis with Steatosis; 3.48 ± 1.63 in Cirrhosis with AAH. Values higher than 1.5 are suggestive of alcoholic liver disease and higher than 2.0 are almost diagnostic and found in 56% of the patients with alcoholic liver disease and only in 1 case of non-alcoholic liver disease.

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