The use of cefotaxime in pneumology.

Carlo Grassi, Maria Luigia Colombo, Vittoria Peona


The clinical efficacy of cefotaxime in lower respiratory tract infections has been studied. Thirty-three patients suffering from pneumonia, bronchiectasies, exacerbations of chronic bronchitis, lung abscesses and pleural empyema sustained by Gram-positive or Gram-negative organisms susceptible to cefotaxime, have been treated with the antibiotic at the doses of 1-2 g every 8-12 h by i.m. or i.v. route for 5-12 days. Cure was achieved in 84,3% of patients, improvement in 9,3%, no modification in 6,5 %. Responsive patients showed a very rapid improvement of the clinical status (2-4 days). The prompt action of cefotaxime is probably to be attributed to its high intrinsic antibacterial activity and to the effective concentrations reached in bronchial and lung tissue as well as in bronchial secretions.


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