Hyperplastic polyp of the colon.

C Serras, A Ricardo, A Morbey, J Veloso, R Trindade


On re-examining 477 polyps of the colon obtained by endoscopic polypectomy, the authors describe a type of polyp with they have called hyperplasiogenous. This polyp is characterised by a proliferation of rectilinear glands, divided at their base, forming a connecting spur; this spur may form a more complex alveolar or tubulo-alveolar structure. The glands have cells with a tall, clear cytoplasm and a small, homogeneous nucleus with no irregularities or metaplasia. Endoscopically, they are small, sessile and either the same colour as the mucous membrane or redder. They are located mainly in the rectum and sigmoid colon. They are more frequently found in men and begin to appear after the age of thirty. They are often associated with tumours of the colon. The authors consider possible that the hyperplasiogenous polyp may represent an initial stage of adenoma.

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