Wilms tumor. Evaluation of the important prognosis factors in 22 treated cases.

A L Bittencourt, N Mendonça, L E Júnior, R M Fróz


Twenty-two cases of treated Wilms tumor with more than two years of follow-up were classified according to Beckwith (favorable and unfavorable histology) and to Jereb & Sandstedt (histologic types I, II and III). The authors found a good correlation between histologic types I and II and prognosis (72% of the children with type I were free of tumor and of type II only 25%), but in type III no correlation was found between the histologic grading and prognosis, possibly due to the small number of cases observed. The three cases classified as unfavorable histology corresponded to histologic type III. All the children less than two years old at the time of diagnosis were free of tumor, in this group six out of seven cases were of histologic type I. In the older age group only one third of the cases were free of tumor. Otherwise, 70% of the cases with unfavorable prognosis were four or more years old, but only one had unfavorable histology. The present paper shows that the age and the histologic type determined according to the criteria of Jereb & Sandstedt are important data in the prognostic evaluation of Wilm's tumor.

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