Endocrine arterial hypertension. Primary hyperaldosteronism.

F S Machado, E C Telles, B Pinho, R Soares, F Rego, J Nazaré, S S Amram


The authors emphasize some adrenal embryologic features, mainly the cortex and medulla relationships. After brief considerations both on the biosynthesis and physiologic actions of aldosterone, the Primary Hyperaldosteronism physiopathology is described. The clinical, biochemical and anatomic evidences are presented as a basis for both the Syndrome diagnosis and its subtypes. The theoretical and practical aspects of the diagnostic tests are also referred as a basis for the rationale of the medical and surgical therapeutic approach. Some clinical and biochemical similar aspects between the Syndrome of Hyperaldosteronism and Essential Hypertension with low renin, are put forward as a possible physiopathologic link that could eventually contribute for a better understanding of the pathogenesis of Essential Hypertension.

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