Central and peripheral vascular resistance.


  • V Ramalhinho Serviço de Medicina I, Hospital de Santa Maria.




Better knowledge of organ damage produced by arterial hypertension in multiple conditions led to the conclusion that blood pressure readings (the values) were not the only determinant but instead a whole range of factors dependent on the arterial wall characteristics. The concept of windkessel in relation to the stiffness and the compliance of the arterial system, the impedance at any given point evoking different volume/pressure/flow relationship (with pressure tracings) rekindled interest in this matter, leading to a more adjusted model. Invasive (micromanometers) and non-invasive methods (such as the echodoppler) are the investigation and clinical support of this new interest in an old idea developed before the epidemiological period of arterial hypertension study. The similitude between ageing and hypertension, the contraposition that is seen in youngsters, and other metabolic alterations test this model of winkessel.


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