The HELLP syndrome in pregnancy-related hypertension.

M H Machado, L M Graça, N Clode


During a 5-year period, 13 cases of HELLP syndrome were seen in hypertensive patients in the Obstetrics Department, Santa Maria Hospital, Lisbon. In 7 cases the syndrome occurred antepartum and in 6 during early early puerperium; gestational age and clinical features were very different from case to case. Four cases of eclampsia and 2 cases of acute renal failure occurred in 5 patients; there were 2 intrauterine deaths. Maternal mortality was nil. HELLP syndrome always implicates an important hepatic involvement with deleterious effects on the clinical status of the patients. Since the syndrome is often diagnosed in the puerperium and major complications seen in our study group occurred in that period, we conclude that all hypertensive patients must be closely monitored during the first 48 hours after delivery.

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