Rheumatic diseases. A three-year retrospective study at an internal medicine service.

A M de Sousa, M A Pereira, E A Pina, J M Pastor, L A Jesus


In order to assess the weight of Rheumatic Diseases, the Authors retrospectively studied 117 patients admitted to the Internal Medicine Service of the Faro District Hospital over a 3 year period (1989-1991). The selection criterion comprised the final rheumatological diagnosis. The diseases were arranged in nosological groups according to the Classification of Rheumatic Diseases of the American Rheumatism Association. The relative frequency, in totality and by nosological groups, and other variables, were determined. The relative frequency was of 4.2%. The mean age was 52.9 years. The distribution in age groups showed 2 peaks in the sixth and seventh decades. Females were more often affected (61%). The mean time of internment was 22.3 days. The proportional mortality reached 6.8%. Diffuse Connective Tissue Diseases were the most frequently found (42.7%) and among these Rheumatoid Arthritis and Systemic Lupus Erythematous were the most prevailing.

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