News on the trip and the diplomatic mission of a Portuguese ambassador to China in 1752. Critical and analytical study.

J José, C Frada


The author of this report has worked out a critical-analytical study, based on the news of a voyage to China, carried out by a Portuguese ambassador, which was also a diplomatic mission, in 1752, during the Marquis of Pombal era, Prime Minister of king Dom Jose I. This study is directed under two perspectives: medical and historical-diplomatic. The former not only allows the assessment of the high degree of organization of this voyage as far as food supplies and medical support are concerned, but it also shows the reflection and the diagnosis correction of tuberculosis of the lungs, in a seaman, carried out by a surgeon on board, which we totally refute. The latter, which only aims at giving some further data for the study of the Portuguese Diplomatic History, let us know some of the complex procedures and protocols established between our diplomatic representative and the high Chinese rulers, both the Emperor himself and the mandarins. Contrary to other previous attempts of diplomatic, economic and social relations, either partially or totally frustrated, this mission constituted a great success for Portugal and may, indeed, be considered as a decisive step for the recognition of Portuguese sovereignty over the territory of Macao and its dependencies in 1887.

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