Central neurocytomas.

J Pimentel, J F Nunes, L Távora, A Trindade, A G Ferreira


Central neurocytomas are a well-characterized group of neuronal tumors usually arising in the supratentorial ventricular cavities. We describe the anatomical and clinical study of seven of these neoplasms. Patients were in the first four decades of life, and tumors were usually located in one of the lateral ventricles. Surgical resection was subtotal in 6 cases. Light microscopic examination revealed predominantly benign lesions with morphological features similar to the so-called ependymoma of the foramen of Monro, of the oligodendrogliomas, and of the neuroblastomas. Immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy confirmed the diagnosis in each case, showing expression of neuron specific enolase and synaptophysin and containing microtubuli, neurosecretory granules, and presynaptic vesicles. In agreement with the literature, the authors stress the benign behaviour of most of these tumors and the need for systematic immunohistochemical and ultrastructural study. The actual roles of the extent of resection and of postoperative radiotherapy are still a matter of discussion.

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