Activities at the polyvalent intensive care unit of the Santo António dos Capuchos Hospital.

R Moreno, H Estrada, E Pereira, L Massa


The authors present an audit to a multidisciplinary Intensive Care Unit of a tertiary Hospital (HSAC) over its first year (1/07/1991-30/06/1992). The total study population numbered 282 patients, 52.5% admitted from the emergency room. The mean age was 57.91 +/- 18.16 years. Cardiovascular failure (39%) and respiratory failure (35%) were the main diagnostic categories for admission; 50.7% of the patients needed mechanical ventilation, 44% echocardiogram, 13.5% bronchoscopy and 10.3% hemodynamic evaluation with Swan-Ganz catheter. These are patients with high mean values of severity scoring systems, ICU mortality (27%) and Hospital mortality (37.6%). APACHE II, SAPS I and TISS on day one of admission and maximum value over a 24 hour period of two multiple organ failure systems-MOF and OSF were validated in this population and were good outcome predictors.

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