Pancreatic tumors. Therapeutic endoscopy of malignant stenoses of the common bile duct using endoprostheses.

M Liberato, C Romão, C Duarte, A Figueiredo, M Quina


From September 1987 to April 1994, 144 biliary endoprostheses were introduced (81 male; 63 female; mean age 68.7 years) in patients presenting distal stricture of the common bile duct by pancreatic tumors. 135 plastic (10 and 12 French) and 9 metallic (30 French) prostheses were placed. The most common complication associated with plastic prostheses is clogging (16%); this problem was solved with the use of metallic prosthesis, which is limited by their high cost. The mortality and morbidity are lower and the time hospital discharge is shorter until, than the ones associated with bilio-digestive anastomosis; mean survival is similar with two procedures endoscopy/surgery.

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