Endobronchial biopsy and cytology. Comparative study.

R Matos, M R Silva, L Carvalho


A retrospective study was performed in order to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy for lung cancer in histological biopsy specimens and in cytological examination taken at fibre optic bronchoscopy. Of 530 patients suspected of having a malignant lesion, 150 had pathological confirmation (group A) and 380 did not (group B). In group A biopsy was diagnosed in 78.7% and cytology in 58% of the cases, of which brushing was positive in 94.1% and washing in only 38.6% of the cases. In group B brushing disclosed the condition of lung epithelium in 91.8% and washing in only 48% of the cases. It is concluded that brushing had a higher diagnostic accuracy than washing in both groups, although inferior to biopsy.

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