Hand and foot infections in children.

A P Lucas, M J Leal


Hand and Foot anatomic and physiologic characteristics make the infections, located there, acquire specific aspects. Seventy seven in-patients admitted and/or with follow-up at the out-patient clinic of Dona Estefãnia Hospital with Hand (25) and Foot (52) infections, were reviewed during the period between January 1991 and January 1994. We treated, out-patients with paronychia (7 of the hand and 42 of the foot), one patient with hand pulpitis, and one with dorsum hand cellulitis. The remaining 16 with hand infection (64%) and 15 with foot infection (29%) were being treated with splint in the position of rest, elevation of the affected limb and endovenous antibiotic therapy. In all abscess cases, surgical drainage was conducted, 16 the of hand and 22 of the foot. There were no sequels in hand infection. In foot infection there was one osteitis of the first metatarsus and a cutaneous fistula.

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