CT (high-resolution) in 60 cases of stapediovestibular otosclerosis with surgical indications.

J C Mauricio, L Biscoito, G Branco, P Medina


Sixty patients with stapediovestibular otosclerosis (OEV) were studied by CT-scan (target program). These patients had stapedectomy indication because they had a conductive hearing loss in which one had an A/B gap of > 25 dB. The leading principle of this study was how to know the main indications of the CT-scan which makes it possible for morphologic and densitometric evaluation of the extension and probable activity of the stapedial, fenestral and fissural labyrinthine otosclerotic foci. A correlation between the CT pattern of otosclerosis and the pure or mixed hearing loss had been tried. The conclusion is that CT should be a routine examination of OEV clinical study.

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