Colorectal prolapse in a child with a severe form of juvenile polyposis.

V Martins, M Gonçalves, M J Leal


Colon polyps are very common in infancy, most cases are unique, seldom exceeding ten; as a rule, the treatment is endoscopic resection. The AA present a case of a severe diffuse colorectal juvenile polyposis in an 8-year-old black child, with a 4-year evolution of serious digestive bleeding, abdominal pains, anemia and hypoproteinemia. The disease scattered throughout the colon with a great density at the rectum and sigmoid level, coating fully the mucous membrane, making the classic treatment by endoscope unworkable. A resection of the rectum and descendent colon with transrectal pullthrough by the Soave technique with anal demucosization was performed. The post operative without incidents and the follow-up period was considered satisfactory. Complementary endoscopic resection of the remaining and scattered polyps followed. The result of the histopathological examination of all elements studied was juvenile polyps. This case demonstrates the necessity of surgical treatment with resection in cases of severe diffuse juvenile polyposis, in which endoscopic resection alone is not deemed to be sufficient.

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