A structural analysis of the entrance exams for specialist interns from 1994 to 1996.

V Morgado, A G da Costa, A Correia, A Pereira, A C Pinho, A T de Araújo, F Ramalho, J Gouveia, J Quininha, J B Nogueira, J M Romãozinho, R A Marques, R Pato


In order to obtain specialist training in Portugal, doctors must pass a multiple-choice examination. The aim of this article is to present a structural and mathematical analysis of the examinations in the last three years. We based our work on the calculation of reliability coefficient of the examinations, and the difficulty and discrimination index of the questions and the examinations as a whole. A detailed analysis of the examinations, including that of each of the three hundred questions, will be published by the Department of Health Manpower in January, 1997.

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