Angina pectoris. The extent of the problem.


  • E Rocha Serviço de Cardiologia, Hospital Militar Principal, Instituto de Medicina Preventiva da FML, Lisboa.
  • J M Miguel



Angina pectoris is analysed according to the principal data of its social repercussion: frequency, gravity, chronicity, diagnostic and treatment complexity, treatment costs and genetic factor extension. Some data of the national literature defining the dimension of the problem are given and a comparative study with other diseases and other countries is made. In conclusion, the need to develop epidemiological studies of adequate dimension is supported, mostly to better define frequency of the disease (prevalence and incidence) since the hospital and the mortality data are not enough. However, from the available data, it is expected that the prevalence of ischemic heart disease, of which the angina is a frequent clinical manifestation, will increase as well as the economic costs. In fact, the costs will be the consequence of scientific and technological development and of the increasing search for health by the population can services.


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