The medical therapy of angina pectoris.


  • J G Clara Serviço de Medicina II, Hospital Pulido Valente, Lisboa.



The angina pectoris crisis should be treated with nitroglycerin S.L.. In our days as in the 19th century, the non pharmacological therapeutic approach for angina pectoris (per se and to improve the free interval between crises) is still the same. This consists of the reduction of mental and physical stress, to stop smoking, improve light exercise, reduce obesity, and control other risk factors for coronary disease. Beta blockers are the choice drugs followed by calcium antagonists and nitrates. It is recommended that no short action calcium antagonists be used. Nitrates must be given with free intervals of action to avoid tachyphylaxis. The anti-platelet therapy can not be forgotten with aspirin or ticlopidine. Patients with refractory angina pectoris should be coronariography for performed eventual revascularization process.


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