A retrospective assessment of spinocellular carcinomas of the lip treated by roentgenotherapy.

M Borrego, D Pimentel, I Rebelo


From December 1965 to December 1987 (22 years), 279 patients with histologically confirmed squamous cell carcinoma of the lip were treated in this Department with roentgenotherapy. All the patients that had completed the treatment were evaluated with a follow-up time of 5 years (n=255). Distribution by age, sex, occupation, residence, evolution time of the lesion, localization (upper lip, lower lip and commissure), tumoral size and histological grade were analysed. Concerning technical conditions and fractionation, we evaluated the type and which dose of radiation elicit acute reactions as well as the results of radiotherapy (local and cosmetic control). A relation is made between the size of the lesion and outcome after treatment. The survival rate at 3 years was 76,6% and at 5 years (the usual follow-up period for these patients) was 66%. Disease-free survival rate at 3 years was 79% and at 5 years was 77,6%.

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