Lateral sinus thrombosis.

J P Luis, M Correia, A L Gomes


Lateral sinus thrombosis has become a rare complication of the ear in the developed world with the widespread use of antibiotics. The classic clinical picture is often modified by previous antibiotic treatment, which difficult diagnosis and treatment. The authors present the case of a seven year old female who, after an acute left otitis media, treated and later complicated with mastoiditis, presented headaches, neck pain, papilledema and binocular diplopy. Etiologic investigation lead to the diagnosis of left lateral sinus thrombosis. Anticoagulation was started with heparin followed by dicumarinics. This treatment was maintained during eight months. At the moment, the child has no symptoms, with no papilledema or repercussions on visual acuity. The diagnosis of lateral sinus thrombosis and the need for a selection of complementary studies is discussed. A protocol treatment, based on data from a review of the literature, is suggested.

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