Incidence of cerebral vascular accident.

Maria Eduarda C Augusto


The incidence of the patient who has got cerebral vascular stroke in the internment of the medical services of the district hospitals (level 1) is, in general, and in other Portuguese hospitals, very large and takes great part of the resources, physical space, team's time of caring/treatment and costs per service. This kind of stroke happens in an advanced aged group with polimorf and chronical pathologic situation, concerning a serious prognostic. A retrospective and statistical study was done in the service of medicine from all internments cases in five years, (1990-1994) in the Hospital Candido Figueiredo, Tondela. This study concentrates this incidence in age, sex, death-rate, haemorragic and ischemia CVS and cerebral haemorrage but separately. 647 cases were studied from the existent registration in this hospital. In our casuistry, the ischemia CVS was present in 91.8% but compared to the total amount of internments it was 10.44% in average. It was in the female sex that we notice a higher frequency and the prognostic was more serious and the death-rate incidence was also higher in this sex. The ischaemial CVS's death-rate was in average 29.83%. This kind of patient demand (from a logistic point of view) a large number off beds, the interdisciplinary support of an internist, a neurologist, a neuro-surgeon, a neuroradiologist, a psychiatrist, a physiologist, a geriatrist, a phsychologist, a social assistant, specialized nurses in physical rehabilitation.

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