The discovery of the body.


  • C Hipólito-Reis Serviço de Bioquímica, Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto, Porto.



This paper initially recognises that the human body tends to implicate itself in the current triad in which it gains evidence (body, soul and spirit). Its discovery is, therefore, a difficult cognitive process. In the conveyance of the message that one has from the body to the desideratum of its knowledge, the possibility of discovery fulfills itself in the adventure of its study where religious, artistic and scientific paths distinctively appear as modes of evidence. As discovery is usually entrusted on medicine it is nowadays important that the latter should pronounce itself on acquired knowledge. Health and its re-establishment after illness are correlated with the knowledge of the body! In order for the allegations regarding the body's rights over the body to be more than mere phantasmagoric exorcisms, it is necessary to consider the knowledge of the body as an experience, particularly, of existing, of having and of being.


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