Malformations in cortical development in patients with epilepsy. Neuroimaging of 17 cases.

S Carvalho, O Brito, E Machado, N Santos, P M Freitas, C Bento, I Santana, F Sales, F Martins


This article reviews Malformations of Cortical Development (MCD) diagnosed by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in a series of patients with epilepsy. This study spans a five year period. The frequency of these malformations was 7.1%. Most of these were focal or multifocal and the most common ones were polymicrogyria (35.3% of the patients), heterotopia (29.4%), and focal cortical dysplasia (29.4%). The frontal lobes were the most frequently affected regions. The various MCD encountered reflect the wide spectrum of MCD leading to epilepsy.

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