Cluster headache.


  • E Parreira Serviço de Neurologia, Hospital de Santa Maria, Lisboa.
  • A Tomé
  • I P Martins



We present a review of 60 cases of cluster headache. Most patients were males, ranging from 19 to 65 years of age at the time of the first visit. Headaches consisted of short-lasting (from 15 to 210 minutes), intense, unilateral pain attacks, most frequently in the periorbital area, with ipsilateral autonomic signs (rhinorrhea, ptosis, tearing and conjunctival injection). Between attacks, patients were completely free of pain. The attacks occurred in bouts lasting 1 to 6 months, in which patients had daily headaches (one to three times a day). Headaches responded well to oxygen or ergotamine. Prophylactic therapy in most cases consisted of verapamil, also with a good response. We present this review in order to draw attention to this relatively rare form of headache with a specific therapy.


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