Cutaneous Manifestations during Pregnancy


  • Ana Catarina Pinheiro Unidade de Saúde Familiar Rodrigues Miguéis. Lisboa.
  • Catarina Queirós Serviço de Dermatologia. Hospital de Santa Maria. Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Lisboa Norte. Lisboa.
  • António Sousa Alvim Unidade de Saúde Familiar Rodrigues Miguéis. Lisboa.



Pregnancy Complications, Skin Diseases, Skin Manifestations


Pregnancy is a period characterized by complex and significant skin changes, which can have a major impact on a woman’s life. The cutaneous manifestations associated with this period are usually divided into physiological changes related with pregnancy, pre-existing dermatoses modified by pregnancy, and pregnancy-specific dermatoses, with the latter being potentially associated with significant fetal morbidity. The diagnosis of dermatoses of pregnancy can be challenging due to the variability in its clinical presentation; therefore, a complete and detailed clinical history and a thorough physical examination are essential. Primary care clinicians should be able to recognize these entities and provide some therapeutic strategies, as well as to refer patients whenever there is a risk to the mother and/ or to the fetus. A multidisciplinary team is essential in the evaluation of the most complex entities, and should include dermatologists, pediatricians, obstetricians and family physicians, so that both the mother’s symptomatic relief and the minimization of fetal risk can be achieved quick and concurrently.


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