Sarcoid Granulomas Over Scars: Beyond Sarcoidosis

Francisca Morgado, Mariana Batista, José Carlos Cardoso, Margarida Gonçalo


Sarcoid granulomas can be found in a wide range of diseases and differentiating sarcoidosis from a sarcoid-like reaction may be a challenge. We present a woman with erythematoviolaceous papulonodular lesions located on the ears where piercings were placed. A skin biopsy showing an infiltrate of sarcoid and focal tuberculoid granulomas did not exclude sarcoidosis. There was a slight increase in the level of angiotensin-converting enzyme. Systemic involvement due to sarcoidosis was excluded. Epicutaneous tests performed revealed a strong positive reaction to palladium and nickel, supporting the diagnosis of granulomatous contact dermatitis. There are only a few reports of granulomatous contact dermatitis to palladium with piercings as the source of sensitization. The formation of sarcoid granulomas can represent either a sarcoid-like reaction or a form of cutaneous sarcoidosis, and patch tests are essential in order to establish the diagnosis.


Cicatrix; Contact Dermatitis; Granuloma; Palladium; Sarcoidosis

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