Evaluation of cerebral glioma with advanced magnetic resonance techniques.

Joana Graça, Teresa Palma, Pedro Pereira, Patrícia Medina, Constança Ribeiro, Pedro Evangelista


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the technique of choice for the radiological evaluation of cerebral gliomas. Determination of its malignant grade is important for therapeutic approach and prognosis. The authors focus on the utility of MRI advanced techniques, namely proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy, perfusion and diffusion. These techniques are complementary to conventional MRI and allow improved non-invasive early evaluation of malignant grade of gliomas. Moreover, these techniques are useful in the determination of the most malignant areas of the tumours, which are potential targets for stereotaxic biopsy and therapy. They also have particular utility on the distinction between residual tumor, recurrence and radiation necrosis.

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