Dermatoses em Africanos / Dermatoses in Africans

Ana Marcos- Pinto, Ana Ortins-Pina, João Borges-Costa



Nowadays, due to the increasingly frequent migratory circuits in Europe and the increment of the migrant population in Portugal, mainly in Lisbon metropolitan area, it is more and more common to find several dermatological conditions and disorders in Africans seen in our health care system. There are few studies on dermatoses in these populations.

It is important to know the biologic and physiologic differences of black skin in order to understand both the pathophysiology and manifestations of dermatoses. The recognition of many of them represents a challenge to any clinician due to the specific characteristics of their skin. It is thus essential to know the different patterns and frequencies of skin diseases in Africans, in order to optimize the diagnosis, approach and treatment.


African Continental Ancestry Group; Skin Diseases; Skin Physiological Phenomena

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