Executive summary

Internal organization

  • Close work with Acta Médica Portuguesa (AMP) Editorial Board, in order to promote the growth of the AMP-Student Section;
  • Reorganization of the AMP-Student Editorial Team, including new students from different Portuguese medical schools, at different stages of training, ensuring the sustainability of the project;
  • Training in science editing and publishing targeted at our Associate Editors;

Editorial coordination

  • AMP-Student Guidelines update, making science communication more accessible to students, but keeping AMP standards;
  • Dynamic and efficient management of articles, reducing the lenght of the review process;
  • Collaboration with the AMP Editorial Board in projects to be defined;


  • Expansion of communication resources and online presence through the creation of a new AMP-Student website;
  • Creation of interactive contents such as infographics and soft articles on scientific and medical education topics, as well as articles focusing on social and political challenges faced by health professionals and society in general;
  • Taking advantage of AMP social media presence and sharing contents designed especially for/by students on AMP Facebook page;

National and international strategy

  • Creation of AMP-Student Local Representatives in each Portuguese medical school;
  • Raising awareness among students about the positive impact of communication of research results at scientific meetings and in peer-reviewed journals;
  • Promotion of AMP-Student among newly graduated doctors who presented masters final works for less than one year ago;
  • Collaboration with the Portuguese Medical Students’ International Committee and the several Portuguese local medical students’ unions, namely through partnership agreements between AMP-Student and student scientific meetings/conferences;
  • Internationalization of AMP-Student, making it known to medical schools and scientific events abroad;
  • Internationalization of AMP-Student, in collaboration with international student organizations (eg, EMSA and IFMSA);
  • Partnering with other international student journals with the mutual purpose of increasing scientific knowledge;


  • Holding the first meeting of students and junior doctors addressing science communication during the V Acta Médica Portuguesa Symposium;


  • Setting indicators for scientific quality and social media impact, in order to more accurately evaluate AMP-Student activity.

AMP-Student Editorial Team 2016