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II Serie Volume 31 Number 11
November 2018


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  1- Factors of recurrence of intraepithelial lesions of the uterine cervix.

2- Duodenoscopy and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) in the diagnosis of biliary and pancreatic pathology.

3- Mephedrone (?Meow Meow?), The New Designer Drug of Abuse: Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynimics and Clinical and Forensic Issues

4- Natural history of fetal pyelocaliectasia.

5- Erysipelas.

6- Antidepressant drugs.

7- Pressure ulcer management--Evidence-based interventions.

8- Traumatic Brain Injury: Integrated Approach

9- Genital ulcers caused by sexually transmitted diseases: current therapies, diagnosis and their relevance in HIV pandemy.

10- Current management of gout.

11- Livedo vasculitis.

12- Tarlov's cyst: definition, etiopathogenesis, propaedeutic and treatment.

13- Antibiotic treatment of uncomplicated cystitis in non-pregnant women up to menopause.

14- Uterine inversion.

15- Urolithiasis and renal colic. Therapeutic approach in urology.

16- Surgical basic skills: surgical sutures.

17- Rhabdomyolysis.

18- Glioblastoma multiforme... with multifocal presentation.

19- Neuropathy diagnosis strategy.

20- Functional neuroanatomy. Cortical mapping in usual paradigm in functional magnetic resonance imaging.

The Impact Factor of AMP increased in 2017 from 0.498 to 0.581!
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10 minutes with Ricardo Baptista Leite

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The research paper as a Fairy Tale, by Domhnall MacAuley

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AMP-Student has a new Editor-in-Chief

Bernardo Marques da Silva, 5th year medical student at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon, will be AMP-Student’s Editor-in-Chief during 2018. He will be responsible together with a team of Associate-Edito...


Altmetric top 100 in 2017

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